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    Design is not just how it looks, it is "how it works". Apps should be a joy to use, no matter of the underlying app's purpose.

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    Exceedingly coupled with design, we make sure that you are in control of the app. Not the other way round.

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    In tight collaboration with top-notch computer-science universities, we continuously analyze & optimize Android internals.

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10 seconds of math

be fast. be clever.
You've got 10 seconds: try to solve as many math terms as any humanly possible.
Difficulty adjustable, batteries included.

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King of Math

A professional brain trainer. One that is both efficient and fun to use.
◆ #1 Maths App on Google Play    
◆ More than 10 000 000 downloads
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Tap objects to prevent them from touching the dirty floor.
Numerous events will randomly crush in and make doing this
seemingly simple action more difficult.
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1 Minute intro video to King of Math.

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